The red carpet of St. Gallen

The artist Pipilotti Rist and the architect Carlos Martinez jointly designed the city ​​lounge as a public “living room” bathed in red that covers the entire area like a carpet. The floor covering made of red-colored plastic granulate envelops the floor area and the public furniture such as seating , sculptures and a fountain. With an area of ​​approx. 4600 ㎡, The lounge combines  all the spaces and remaining spaces in the area into a visually uniform whole.

The city ​​lounge is seen as an artistic approach to the issues of urban space and the public sphere and the characteristics of the location. It is clearly structured and takes up room themes. According to the different usage areas of a lounge, the area is divided into zones, each of which is dedicated to higher-level functions such as reception, cloakroom, foyer, café, etc. The individual areas flow into one another.

The lighting is provided by so-called “bubbles”, cloud-like bodies of light that are suspended in such a way that they give the impression of floating.


고무칩 종류인가 싶어 자세히 보니 그것도 아닌것 같고 그럼 콘크리트 종류일까 싶어 보니 그것도 아닌것 같고 영구적인 소재라고 하는데 그냥 그러려니 했습니다. 시내 중심가에 ‘레드카펫’이라는 이름을 붙여서 그런지 혹자들은 주변이 금융가 투성이니 부자 고객들을 위한 장소이구나. 라는 오해도 불러 일으킨다고 합니다.

– 2017. 10. 13. Switzerland.

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